When do I have to change saddle ?

Knowing when to change your saddle is a question that has threaded a lot of riders. Indeed, the horse saddle, like any other equipment, is called to wear out. Follow our advice to know when you have to change your saddle.

Why change your horse’s saddle?

The reasons why a rider can be induced to change the saddle of his pet are numerous. Indeed, over the years, the strength, reliability and functionality of the seat can be deteriorated. In this case, you must replace it with another one. Moreover, too much use of the accessory can also accelerate its aging and thus its wear.

Despite the weariness of the saddle, one of the main reasons why you can change your saddle is undoubtedly his inadequacy with the horse or rider. In fact, the horse, like the rider, can grow, especially if they started early the practice of riding. In this case, the saddle previously used will be small, either for the rider or for the horse itself.

Finally, you can opt to change a saddle just to acquire a new one, more aesthetic or simply better than the one you have. Moreover, used saddles for sale can constitute a bargain.

How to choose the right saddle for your horse?

The choice of the saddle for his horse is of paramount importance. If you want to change the saddle of your equine, you must choose the one that suits it best. Regardless of the material used or its condition (new or used), a good saddle is the one that is suitable for horse and rider. The best way to choose the saddle is to put it directly on the back of the equine and check some points.

The position of the withers in relation to the saddle, the symmetry of the equipment, freedom of movement, etc. Are all points to check. Moreover, if you do not wish to carry out all these checks yourself, there are professionals who can choose a horse’s saddle for you or simply help you to choose the good one.

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