What are the basics you need to know before getting your own horse?

Buying and caring for a horse is certainly a dream come true for all riding enthusiasts, but it's not necessarily an easy thing to do. Having your own horse is of the order of organization and responsibility. It is therefore advisable to know all the bases during the maintenance of the horse before buying one.

Having a horse: the first steps

Having a horse is, above all, a matter of maintenance. Indeed, the sanitary side really takes an important place in the field of horsemanship. True, buying a horse at a very good price is a very good thing since the fork is quite large, but the maintenance of the horse is what must prioritize. In this context, it will be necessary to plan in a clean place and well adapted to the needs of the equine. Then comes the visit to the veterinarian. This point is obligatory, whatever the end use of the horse. This is the best way to know if the horse is healthy or not in addition to the fact that professionals must obligatorily resort to the services of a veterinarian. It is quite possible to choose the professional according to your needs.


The equipment is inseparable from riding. Professionals like equitack offer quality equipment for horseback riding. We speak of both equipment for the practice and maintenance materials for the horse. It should be noted that the list of equipment for maintenance is quite long, but the essential ones are the grooming kit, the halter, the lanyard, the drying cover, the waterproof cover, the fleece cover, the kidney covers, feet, fly spray and leather maintenance equipment. Note that this list is by no means exhaustive and that other materials can be added to this list. In all cases, it will be necessary to have all the necessary equipment if one wants to maintain the horse well. It should also be noted that the quality of the equipment depends on its effectiveness. To find the best products at the best price, it will be necessary to turn to providers specialized in the field. Like equitack, a professional offers all the necessary equitation in addition to professional services.

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