On this site you will find the best horse equipment advice

The horse has now become one of the most popular pets on the market. It costs a fortune, but people are beginning to appreciate this animal and no longer consider it the guinea pig of humans. Here are the best tips from an equestrian expert to equip the horse.

The horse and the man

The horse is one of the most docile animals and best suited to life with the human being. For centuries, humans and equines have developed close relationships, benefiting one another. Horses have played an important role in many aspects of people's daily lives. They served as help in the fields of agriculture, construction, transport, etc.

The conduct of the rider towards his horse

Before the equipment, it is important to know how to ride a horse before having one. And not only mount it, but have behaviors worthy of a rider concerned about his horse. It is not surprising that children start driving quite early, between 8 and 9 years old. But yes, it is more advisable to take our children from 6 years to ride on a pony in a park for this. And if the child has a passion for the horse, around 12 years old, the teenager applies more and more to the equestrian disciplines. This site offers not only complete equipment for a horse, equipment for the rider, but also the way to maintain the horse and its environment and of course the advice to behave well with the horse.

The meaning of observation in the workshops for initiation horse

In this workshop, we will find all the necessary equipment, facilities, competent teachers and experts in the field, as well as horses more than used to be assembled and which, on paper, should not present behavior problems, etc. The first, of course, is a good mount, consisting of a saddle and stirrups to introduce or support the feet.

As mentioned earlier, horse riding can become one of the most enjoyable hobbies for all audiences, from the smallest to the largest.

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